Age of the Lithosphere for Google Earth


    This KMZ file displays the age of the Earth's lithosphere in Google Earth. This tool helps to better understand the evolution of the lithosphere across geological time. The file contains 3 separated overlays that can be displayed independently: contours and rainbow isochrons for the age of the ocean lithosphere, isochrons for age of the continental lithosphere. The transparency of each overlay can be adjusted using the slider for various effects.

    The overlays were made using GMT from the University of Hawaii, the Agegrid data for ocean lithosphere (v3; Sep2008) available from, and the Agegrid data for continental lithosphere kindly provided by Nikolai Shapiro (See article in Lithos). Tectonic boundaries data come from the USGS latest earthquakes KML file.



Download the KMZ file (10.8 Mbyte)

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